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April 09, 2015

Battle for 4G subscribers in Cote d’Ivoire set to hot up as mobile operators get ready to roll-out

The battle for 4G subscribers in Cote d’Ivoire looks like it will hot up soon as the “big gorilla” operators...

March 12, 2015

YooMee is part of the Global TDE-LTE Initiative Annual Report 2015

Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) is a virtual open platform to advocate cooperation among global operators to promote TD-LTE.

September 26, 2014

How independent towercos make mobile broadband more investible ?

YooMee is a transformational high speed broadband service provider....

June 28, 2014

Afrika zwischen Steinzeit und Moderne.

Der afrikanische Kontinent lockt mit hohen Wachstumsraten und einer attraktiven Demografie....

March 29, 2014

YooMee Côte d’Ivoire annonce le lancement de ses activités commerciales.

Le groupe YooMee Africa, fournisseur d'accès...

January 28, 2014

Superschnelles Internet für Afrika....

Die Israeli Anat Bar-Gera...

January 09, 2014

WSJ: YooMee Helps Open Up Africa's Web Market....

DOUALA, Cameroon—Before flying out...

December 19, 2013

YooMee Africa Launches, the Innovative Business Directory for Africa... * is an online business directory...

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